Far away, in another solar system, Vitucia is a planet populated by people who left Earth about four hundred years ago. Tristan is the younger brother of Bridor. Bridor is an eighteen-year old who has just finished a great adventure and become a full Paragon – a defender of Vitucia. Tristan is ten years old and is one of the luckiest kids alive – he owns a pet jaguar that is all black with subtle blacker spots. Tristan lives in Arellia – a sort of futuristic Egyptian styled island where everyone is able to use telekinesis – the power to move things with your mind. Tristan is named after the oldest son of Brendan, the founder of the planet Vitucia. Tristan has short spiky hair and wears a nano-weave body suit that protects him from scrapes and falls. He is a friendly boy who likes to think that he is completely independent.

Tristan is still a novice at moving things, but he has been in school for five years, so he is quite good for his age. After school, Tristan and his jaguar, Zephyr, often go exploring. Tristan is able to telepathically communicate with his animal companion. Telepathy is the ability to speak from mind to mind without using your mouth. Tristan and his Jaguar can be separated by long distances, but still maintain communication. Sometimes, Zephyr will go off exploring on his own but he is always ready to rush back to Tristan if he feels that Tristan is in any danger.

Tristan loves to explore near the many pyramids in Arellia. The pyramids all have entrances that can only be operated by telekinesis.

On a bright sunny Saturday morning, Tristan and Zephyr head to the largest of the pyramids. It has 3 levels with stairs carved into the granite on all four sides. The entrance is at the top of the pyramid. Tristan exerts mental effort and causes a large spherical column to extend upwards. He holds it there as he and his pet drop down into a small room. Once safely inside, he allows the column to return to the closed state, plunging the room into heavy blackness. Tristan reaches out with his mind and causes the lighting sources scattered throughout the pyramid to illuminate with a soft blue glow. Tristan and Zephyr head to the west wall where a hidden door opens to Tristan’s mental request. A stairway is revealed that heads north and allows them to head down into the bowels of the pyramid.

They spend an hour in the main chamber on the second level looking at the various artifacts left behind by the ancient Lifodians – the natives of this planet. Some are large Lifodians stuffed into intricate armored pieces, armed with staffs with a curved blade at the top. There is a large golden throne in the middle of the north wall with a Lifodian chieftain seated, clothed in a white regal robes. Encircling the waist is a golden rope tied with a bow on the right side. There is a beautiful golden circlet on the head with a single spike that extends onto the Lifodian’s forehead. Tristan wonders how old the objects are in this chamber as the Lifodians have long ago abandoned this culture.

Tristan and Zephyr head down to the lowest and largest chamber. There are various contraptions that have long ago been used for some mysterious purpose. Tristan has been here before, but he feels that he has missed something and so explores the entire area for over an hour. They find nothing on the sides of the chamber, so they head to the center. There is a subtle square outline in the exact center of the room. Tristan wonders if it is similar to the opening in the top of the temple and attempts to lift the square with the power of his mind. Nothing happens after a minute of extreme exertion. Tristan guides Zephyr into the center of the square outline and attempts the opposite force. He is slightly surprised when the square he is on starts descending into the floor. As they descend, blue lighting illuminates scenes from past lifetimes. They descend for a long time until they are several hundred feet under the surface of the planet. A large opening appears to the north and they head that direction over a large platform. The sound of rushing water fills their senses and they come upon a large golden gondola in an underground river. They board the ship and Tristan uses his telekinetic power to propel them eastward. They travel for several miles until they come to a lagoon with a dock on the southern side. Tristan tests the water and finds it surprisingly warm. His nano-armor outfit repels water easily, so Zephyr and Tristan spend a couple of hours swimming. Tristan thinks that this is an excellent place for a hiding place and starts planning how to build a play house. He thinks that his friends will be so amazed by this place and cannot wait to show it off.


Zephyr is sleeping peacefully in his enclosure one night dreaming of adventures filled with butterflies and mountains. He is awakened by the feel of steel against his neck. Three large poles attached to metal loops are being manned by large Byruvians. The Byruvians are a mix and match of people that live north and south of Whirlpool Lake on the main land mass of Vitucia. The three muscular men force Zephyr up a ramp into a large steel cage that is on the back of a large truck. A fourth man puts the ramp away and pulls the rolling door down to seal the back of the truck.

Tristan is awakened by the mental call of help from his beloved pet. He catapults out of bed and grabs a nearby dark blue wooden object. Zephyr is emitting an emotion of extreme fear. Tristan opens his window and dives towards the ground, using the power of his mind to cushion his fall. A large all-electric truck goes barreling quietly past him. Tristan can sense that Zephyr is in the back of the truck.

All the roads in Vitucia are electrified. All of the vehicles are all-electric and are inductively charged by the roads. In Arellia, everyone has flying vehicles that are powered by the mind, and roads are not needed at all. However, in consideration of anyone wishing to visit Arellia, roads are provided that can be used by any all-electric vehicle. The fact that a land-based vehicle is being used means that those involved are foreigners.

The Arellians are extremely peaceful, but also very powerful, so they generally do not have any weapons or alarms. Tristan is very bewildered at this brash act of theft. Perhaps the people involved are ignorant of Arellian abilities. Tristan thinks about his options and quickly decides that he will handle this crisis on his own. He feels confident that his abilities can outmatch any outsider.

A few moments later, clothed in his nano-armor, Tristan feels invigorated and his skin pulsates from head to foot as adrenaline surges into his blood stream. Tristan communicates to Bridor that he is going to be spending a couple of nights with friends so that their parents won’t worry.