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There are no jobs available at the moment - we hope this will change shortly. Please check back regularly.

How to Apply

Click on the title of the position you are interested in applying for, and a Job Description will come up. Within the Job Description is a link to the Resume Submission Form, which allows you to submit your personal information and resume directly to us electronically. The form allows you to paste in your cover letter, if you have one, as well as your resume. Or, you can click on the "Submit File" button to attach your Word or Html file.

The Job Description will list any submissions requirements for the specific position you are applying for (e.g. reel, portfolio, specific types of work, etc.)

Sending a demo reel or portfolio of your work

If the position you are applying for requires that you submit examples of your work, please apply electronically and then email the requested materials (demo reel, portfolio, etc.), a detailed credit list (more details below), and a signed Submission Release form uploaded as a PDF. We will not be able to review your work without this signed agreement from you. You can access the form by clicking on the following link:

Job Application

Please note: We do not return applicants' work, so when submitting your materials (portfolio/reel/drawings/ storyboards), please do not include original work or portfolios you would expect to receive back.

Requirements for submitting an electronic demo reel

Reels should be MP4 format only. We do not accept physical copies anymore, please. Include a detailed credit list/reel breakdown explaining what you did on each shot (including techniques) and what software (if applicable) was used to achieve the effects. The length of your reel should be limited to 5 minutes and consist of work that you're most proud of, starting with your best, most recent work. Music isn't necessary. Please submit your materials (and signed submission release form) to:

Xander Studios
Subject: Recruiting

All Candidates

You will receive an acknowledgement email following submission of your application. Because of the high volume of submissions received, we are unable to respond personally or critique work, as much as we would like to. If we see a match for one of our current openings we will contact you. Please, no calls!