3D Neighborhood

Priced at only $30 for individuals and $95 for an unlimited business license, this software will impress you with the ease of making totally custom homes in minutes. Version one has the ability to create rectangular, T- shaped, U-shaped and L-shaped houses with 1 to unlimited stories. The windows and doors are grouped to allow for opening. The houses are grouped in seven groups to allow for quick texturing. The software comes with a short tutorial that explains how easy it is to create custom villages in less than thirty minutes. The samples on this page were rendered quickly in Vue Infinite. Each of these pictures took less five minutes from start to finish.

Once you purchase the software, you will be given access to the members only area of Xander Studios where you can download free models customized for Vue Infinite and Poser. This area will also contain free updates to the software as they become available. For a limited time, we are offering a free upgrade to version 2 with your purchase. Version 2 will contain more house styles as well as supporting structures such as banks, office buildings, hospitals, windmills, lighthouses, swimming pools, sheds, barns and gazebos.