Corporate Overview

Xander Studios works on projects with family-friendly moral values. Xander Studios was organized in 2002 under the leadership and direction of Brent Green. Brent wrote the story that is the basis of "Conquest of Vitucia", the first book produced by Xander Studios. Utilizing custom software and industry standard 3D applications, "Conquest of Vitucia" creates a realistic world full of characters that can be identified with on a personal basis.

Xander Studios recently completed work on 3D Neighborhood - a 3D utility package that generates random houses for use in all major 3D applications that support the Wavefront OBJ format. The studio is currently working on another software application that will provide sophisticated video editing tools such as merging three video streams together.

Xander Studios is currently located in Neskowin, Oregon. The corporate leadership consists of Brent Green, charman and chief executive officer and Richard Bunnage, chief financial officer.

Contact Information

Please send all correspondence to:

Xander Studios
44361 W Adobe Cir
Maricopa, AZ 85139

If you would like to talk to an actual person, you can use the following number:

(503) 878-3868